CWR Wholesale 8" Black Multimedia Bluetooth Stereo Receiver

$63.65 $63.65

This exclusive stereo is an exclusive audio package. It takes the marine vehicle's sound system to the next level. Allowing easy installation, the device ensures high-performance and durability.

Product Features:
Black multimedia stereo receiver
Three-wire power (ACC, BAT+, GND)
Bluetooth audio (A2DP) and controls (AVRCP from Bluetooth enable source)
Single-DIN (sleeve-mount) chassis design
Electronic AM/FM tuner (18FM, 12AM presets)
Single DVD/CD player (DVD, CD-A, CD-R/RW)
MP3 support
Last position memory, intro scan, repeat track/title, random
Auto-store (AS), preset scan (PS), seek tuning, manual...

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